Top 7 wedding trends for 2015

2015, as the new year

Even though there will be scores of couples who have already started preparing for their wedding day in 2015, this doesn’t mean to say a few changes can’t be made according to the year’s biggest predicted trends.

It seems as though the majority of ceremonies and receptions will adopt a strong sprit of individualism, which will reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. However, numerous weddings in 2015 will be influenced by the latest fashion trends and chic celebrity style too.

Fun and functional wedding photo booths

We had to start with photo booths, as they are perfect for weddings in a variety of different ways. From capturing all the fun as it happens and cherishing these moments in the future to providing a distraction while making the transition from the ceremony to the reception, wedding photo booths are set to be even bigger in 2015.

Off-the-shoulder and coloured dresses

This trend changes every year but in 2015, off-the-shoulder dresses will be in high demand. This romantic and timeless look can have several variations too, from one-shoulder to draped sleeves on both arms. What’s more, pastel and sherbet coloured gowns are set to soar in popularity too.

British style and elegance

Although the appeal of Downton Abbey and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is perhaps bigger across the Atlantic, traditional British style and elegance looks like it will be a prominent trend on home soil tool. Think afternoon tea and garden parties with tables covered in vintage lace cloth and loosely styled floral centrepieces.

Rustic comfort food served like a family

Rustic-style weddings are in favour at the moment and this looks set to continue into the New Year as well. This means simple yet plentiful comfort food will be served just like you would at home. By passing around wholesome entrées and sides, guests are bound to feel more relaxed and the conversation will flow.

Plentiful yet portioned drinks

Numerous wedding guests will head straight for the bar and end up drinking a bit too much. But one of 2015’s biggest trends may stop this from happening. We are talking about drink stations where guests can sample small portions of several different tipples, such as vintage whiskeys, craft beers and fine wines.

Food trucks coming through

Hours after your guests have tucked in to the hearty family-style fare, they will start getting hungry again. But food trucks are on hand to pull up at a wedding and provide healthy snacks or an assortment of party treats.

Lashings of copper

As opposed to gold or silver, it seems as though copper will be the material of choice when it comes to wedding decor. Perfect for vintage or elegant receptions, copper centrepieces and candlesticks look great and will be much sought after in 2015.

So, there you have it. Seven wedding trends that are bound to provide plenty of inspiration and ideas to couples preparing for the big day in 2015. Get the food, drink and style right then record all the fun in your very own wedding photo booths for posterity. What could be easier than that!