Three Ways Photo Booths Make Special Occasions Better

A photo booth can be a fun centre of attention at a party or celebration. However, it can also serve to make special occasions even more special. Whether it’s a landmark birthday, a wedding or anniversary, or any other kind of celebration, there are a number of ways in which the occasion can be made better and more special by the inclusion of a photo booth.

More Memorable

A photo booth can help to make your special event more memorable for everybody involved. Guests will get instant, high-quality prints of all their photos from the booth to take home and serve as reminders of as well as being able to browse them in a secure online gallery, to serve as your own set of mementoes. This will help to preserve the occasion for future reference and allow you to look back on it vividly for years to come. This is compared to the traditional approach where a few people will take blurry pictures on their phone or compact camera amidst the celebrations, most of which you will never see or, at best, only get a look at on social media. As well as the fact photo booth images tend to be kept and you will get copies of all of them, they also tend to be higher-quality than photos snapped by your guests thanks to a Canon DSLR and beauty lighting.

Bring People Together

People of all ages and tastes tend to be drawn to a photo booth. There is something universal about concepts like playing up to a camera, messing about with a box of props, or experimenting with green screen backgrounds. This not only provides an entertaining feature for all your guests, but helps to bring them together. Multiple people tend to crowd around a photo booth, and often they all have opinions on how to create the best images. This is a fantastic icebreaker and a great way to bring together two families or distant relatives who only see each other at occasional family events. In this way, a photo booth ensures that all your friends and family enjoy the special occasion as one happy, friendly group. There are few things more special than that.

Tailored to the Occasion

Photo booths can be heavily customised to really capture the essence of the occasion. This can help make them a perfect fit with the spirit of the occasion, both capturing and complementing the things that make it special. The exterior of the booth can be fully customised with printable skins. You can tailor its appearance to your tastes using either your favourite of our ready-to-print designs or something completely custom that reflects the occasion. Similarly, you can have a tailored prop box for any theme you like or no prop box at all, and your choice of background including the option for a green screen. In short, a photo booth can be a feature that is truly unique to your occasion.