Events and functions where a rented photo booth is perfect

Photo Booth Wedding Sign

Although photo booths are most commonly used to capture portrait images for things like passports and driving licenses, they are now being utilised for other, more funky and fun, purposes too.

Here at King of the Booth, we have hired out our photo booth for a number of special occasions and witnessed first hand the fun and enjoyment it can bring. But if you’re wondering what events and functions would benefit from a photo booth or want to know why you would choose to rent one, here is a quick recap.

Why rent a photo booth?

Fully customisable – The exterior can be customised using fully printable skins. Although we have a variety to choose from, you also have the option of partially branding the photo booth too.
Lots of photo options – On the photo booth’s touchscreen interface, you can decide from colour, black and white or sepia images. You can also choose tradition photo strips or post card style prints featuring different backgrounds, messages, logos and graphics.
Share on social media – Our photo booth is connected to the Internet, so you can share images on Facebook to your friend’s timelines or post on Twitter with usernames and hashtags.

When and where to hire a photo booth?

Weddings – You’ll no doubt have a photographer on hand to capture treasured memories from the day, but a photo booth can provide just as many cherished moments too. Guests can visit the booth as many times as they like, take advantage of the prop box featuring silly hats and oversized glasses, leave personal messages thanks to HD video and take prints home with them too. If you need to make a transition between the ceremony and the reception, a photo booth is an ideal distraction as well.

School proms – These days, teenagers are more interest in selfies than traditional and formal portraits. Therefore, a photo booth is a great way of capturing the fun, excitement and romance of prom night. From happy couples to groups of friends, a photo booth can accommodate every type of guest and suit the night’s mood.

Corporate events – The majority of corporate events can be quite boring and tedious, but a photo booth is bound to liven things up. With full, half or quarter outer booth branding, the business will receive great promotion. What’s more, photos can feature logos and additional information too, making for an awesome business card. Employees can also email their photos to colleagues or post images up on social media profiles to improve marketing activity.

Private parties – Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or other occasion worth celebrating, photo booths are a superb addition to a private party. You may wake up with a fuzzy and forgetful head, but photos from the night before, both in print and online, will reveal what really went on. We can also deliver, setup and collect the booth within 50 miles of our base. An attendant will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly too.

So, why rent a photo booth? Because they are perfect for numerous events and deliver a plethora of advantages.

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