Three Corporate Events That Could Benefit From a Photo Booth

Photo booths are ideal for a wide variety of events and occasions, and this includes many kinds of corporate event. They are an ideal way to add value to your business and the occasion, whether it’s for the benefit of your employees or for clients and customers. Some types of business event that may benefit from the addition of a photo booth include:

Office Parties

Most commonly held at Christmas, an office party is a time to forget about the day-to-day worries of the working world and just have fun with your fellow workers. Employees of all levels have a chance to socialise, enjoy themselves and cement good personal relationships as well as professional ones. However, a lot of employees have trouble letting their hair down when they get to the office party, particularly in the early stages and especially if they are partying with their boss. A photo booth makes a great ice breaker. Not only do people tend to be drawn towards it and start having fun, but as multiple people convene they usually start laughing together and discussing which props make the silliest pictures. This is a great way to get the fun started and encourage everyone to loosen up.

Conferences and Exhibitions

If you are attending a conference or an exhibition, your goal is almost certainly to grow your business. In particular, if you have a stand at such an event you want to attract potential clients or customers and create the best impression you can. A photo booth is like a promotional gift with a difference, and a fun way to draw people to you. Photo booths tend to grab people’s attention, and so its presence will drive them towards your stand. After that, the biggest challenge at a conference is making your business memorable. By providing a unique and fun experience complete with a physical photo to take home, photo booths go a long way to conquering that problem. Ideally, the use of the booth should directly relate to your business in some way. However, just like giving out branded gifts, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a novelty extra to help engage with people as long as you back it up with substance as well.

Teambuilding Events

Photo booths can be useful at teambuilding events for similar reasons to those that apply at office parties. Giving people some time to have free reign with a photo booth will break the ice, get them cooperating in a friendly way, and encourage them to work well together throughout the rest of the event. It is also possible to build enjoyable teambuilding challenges or exercises around the presence of the photo booth. The exercises that engage employees most effectively are often those which are great fun and give scope to be a little bit silly. For example, at a sales or marketing event, you may split employees into teams and encourage them to construct a thirty minute marketing plan for something from the prop box, complete with effective marketing images taken in the booth with the help of a green scree.