5 alternative wedding entertainment ideas

Romantic Bride And Groom Embracing Outdoors

Although several grooms and brides are more interested in having a romantic ceremony, others prefer to spend out on the reception and make it a memorable occasion for both friends and family.

The vast majority of weddings will simply having a band or DJ for entertainment and let guests create their own fun with jovial dancing and plenty of conversation. However, there are several other options you might not have previously thought of, which will never be forgotten about.

Games room

This one isn’t just for kids, as older guests will also be impressed by a games room. The choice is yours, but possibilities include a pool table, air hockey, ping-pong, darts or even retro arcade machines.

A games room can be used as a distraction while making the transition from the ceremony to the reception, but make sure the door is closed when you decide to have your first dance.


While secret shower singers won’t want to admit it, getting up on stage and participating in some karaoke is something a number of us enjoy. And at a wedding, numerous guests will thoroughly enjoy showing off their vocal talents in front of a crowd.

But the most entertaining performers are sure to be those who are far from pitch perfect. This won’t matter though, as everyone will be pre-occupied with having too much fun.

Photo booth

Despite the fact you’ve probably booked a professional to capture those precious wedding moments on film, hiring a photo booth provides different kinds of memories.

Your guests will love delving into the prop box and putting on silly hats and oversized glasses. What’s more, with King of the Booth, both young and old are able to visit the booth as many times as they like. Then when the day is over, all photos are available to view and download online.

Dance lessons

Several husbands-to-be surprise their beautiful bridge by taking dance lessons before the big day. But what if you were to arrange some tango tuition or salsa sessions for your guests to enjoy at the reception?

Think about a dance that is easy to learn and one that everybody can do. But don’t spend too much time on the teaching, as guests want to let their hair down, not be told what to do.

Movie theme

Themed weddings can be a bit hit or miss sometimes, as it usually takes a certain kind of couple to pull it off. But for the ultimate in entertainment and enjoyment, consider having a movie themed day, which should keep guests on the edge of their seats.

A lot will depend on your budget, but some Hollywood inspired ceremonies have featured a helicopter as the mode of transport and special celebrity look-a-like appearances. Put out cameras on the tables so your guests can be the paparazzi and make a movie of your love story so far.

So, even if your priority is getting the right location, decorations or food, these entertainment options are sure to make your wedding day extra special.