Five essential things you might forget about on your wedding day

Bride and groom in photobooth.

Planning and organising a wedding can be one of the most stressful, difficult and demanding things you’ll ever do. With so many things to think about, from food and flowers to dresses and decorations, it is understandable if you forget about a few minor details, but don’t forget things like photobooth rental or you may be sorry on the day!

Sometimes it is these small touches that can really make all the difference. Therefore, try to remember the following things to ensure your wedding is truly a day to remember and not one filled with missed opportunities:

Photobooth rental

Chances are you have booked a photographer to capture those all important moments and memories. But don’t overlook hiring a photobooth, as they have the potential to provide a great deal of fun and entertainment for your guests.

With the rise of social media it is important that you consider photobooth rental in order to both wow your guests and help them to post something great online that is fun and eminently shareable amongst all your friends and family.

Pictures can be customised, printed out to keep and uploaded to online galleries.

On top of that, photo booths are a great distraction while making the transition from the ceremony to reception as well.

Change of attire for the reception

Once you have covered your rented photobooth, what is next? Even though the beautiful bride will want to keep on her wedding dress for eternity, it can be quite uncomfortable to wear for the whole day. Therefore, make sure you’ve got a change of clothes for the reception.

That way, you can enjoy the day to the fullest, not worry about spoiling your wedding gown, socialise with old friends and dance the night away. What’s more, it is excuse to buy another dress!

Eating at the right time

Both brides and grooms are bound to be a bit nervous, but not eating anything all day is a bad idea. So, eat a wholesome and filling breakfast or have some snacks handy throughout the day.

The same goes for your guests too. If they don’t get fed at the right time, you’ll end up with drunk, grumpy or uncomfortable guests that don’t pay attention at the ceremony or during the speeches.

Packing for your honeymoon

With so much time and attention being spent on the big day, you’d be surprised to hear just how many couples forget that they are going on their honeymoon afterwards.

If possible, try and pack as far in advance as possible so you don’t have to worry about it. However, don’t overlook travel documents like passports, insurance and itineraries either.

Buying gifts for the wedding party

During the preparation and planning stages of your wedding, family and friends will have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations too. So what better way to say thank you than buying gifts for all of them.

They don’t have to expensive or extravagant, just something that expresses your gratitude and appreciation. The big day is all about you, but it probably wouldn’t have been possible without your loved ones.

From photobooth rental and a change of clothes to eating at the right time, packing for your honeymoon and buying gifts for the wedding party, don’t forget these essential things when it comes to your marriage ceremony and reception and you will have a day that you will never forget!.