Why Have a Photo Booth at a Wedding?

A photo booth is a great addition to a wedding reception, and our wedding packages are extremely popular. But some people wonder why you would want a photo booth at a wedding when you have already spent money hiring a professional photographer to capture the event from every possible angle. The truth is that even though they both create photographs, the two are completely different things. Obviously there is no way a photo booth could replace a professional wedding photographer, but in the same way it can offer several things that you won’t get from your standard wedding photo package.

A Fun Activity

Wedding photographers work in two ways: posed photographs were people stand around in specific positions and grin until their faces hurt, or they take photographs of people socialising and enjoying the occasion. Neither of these cross over with the way photo booths work, creating something fun for guests, attendants and, of course, the happy couple to visit in person. Even without the finished photos, this creates a fun activity. Of course, it is great to have the photos to and these are a completely separate kind of picture from the ones a photographer will produce. They give people the opportunity to play up directly to the camera in a way they wouldn’t dare do with a formal wedding photo, and this helps to show how much fun was had at your reception.

Capture People’s Personalities

The difference between the documentary and artistic approach of a wedding photographer and the fun activity that a photo both represents means that people behave completely differently for the two kinds of photo. A wedding photographer will probably take some posed photos to ensure that they capture the outfits, the full range of guests and attendants, and important events like the signing of the register or the cutting of the cake. After this, they will most likely document the real essence of the day with documentary-style photos of your guests milling about and socialising. These are wonderful things, but they are very different from the results of a photo booth. While people at a wedding feel the need to be on their best behaviour – especially if they spot a lens pointed their way – a photo booth allows them to feel comfortable playing up to the camera. This is a great way to capture their unique personalities and sense of fun for posterity.

Unique Photos

One of the most valuable things about having a photo booth at a wedding is that the photos they produce are unique and different from the pictures most people have in their wedding album. Complementing the main photos with some shots from a both will give an individual, distinctive character to your wedding album. This will make it more interesting and unmistakeably unique to you, while adding an extra sense of fun and enjoyment – something to smile at when you look back over your wedding shots in years to come.