Getting Creative With Photo Booths

Photo booths make a fantastic addition to any event, private or corporate. They provide you and your guests with the chance to have fun and get creative. However, a lot of people mistake photo booth hire for just a standard photo booth, and think that having fun with it just amounts to the same silly expressions and poses that kids like to pull in a passport photo booth. In fact, photo booths that are hired for events are designed for fun, and there are several ways they allow you to get much more creative. This makes the photographs that are produced much more unique and evocative of individual personalities, creating keepsakes that are all the more valuable.

Prop Boxes

There’s nothing wrong with just being silly for the camera. It’s fun, and lets people express their unique personalities, quirks and senses of humour. The problem is that, with just your own expressions and poses to work with, there is a limit to how many different ways you can find to pose for a photo. This limits your creativity significantly, so we expand your options by providing a prop box. It’s amazing how creative people can get when presented with a choice of props, and we can provide a very large range – from silly hats and costumes to blackboards. If your event has a theme, we will be more than happy to cater to it in the choice of props for the prop box.


Another way to get creative with the photos and try new things is to customise the background. We can provide a variety of background choices. You could just have the standard, traditional red curtain or you could have a coloured background of your choice. Just get in touch, and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. Alternatively, if you want to give your guests plenty of room to express their individual creativity, we can provide a green screen. This gives you and your guests the option to digitally experiment with a range of much more exciting and interesting backgrounds, placing themselves in a choice of settings for the photo. Combining green screen with a prop box will give your guests the maximum amount of room to get creative and create interesting, unique photos.

Customise the Photo Booth

There are a number of ways you can creatively customise the booth itself. The exterior of the booth is fully customisable through the use of a printable screen. You can customise it with the colour, design or pattern of your choice. If you want to make the process easy, we provide a selection of ready-made options you can choose from, from glossy white or black (the most popular choices) to pink, gold or even leopard print. You can also customise the kind of prints it dispenses. You can give your guests instant access to either traditional strips of photos, as you might get from classic passport photo booths, or postcard-sized prints that are suitable for framing or putting into an album.