How to make corporate functions more fun

Although annual conferences, training courses, team building exercises and general work events all serve an important purpose, they usually aren’t very entertaining if we are honest! While employees need to focus on the job or task in hand, it can be difficult to concentrate if boredom and apathy kicks in.

Therefore, it makes sense for any company to inject a bit of fun into corporate functions. Not only will attendees be more attentive and interested, it could have numerous benefits for the brand and business too.

Hire a photo booth

Perfect for trade and promotional events, a photo booths have a plethora of real benefits. In addition to entertaining both employees and guests, photobooth customisation enables you to add full, half and quarter branding to the exterior as well.

What’s more, photobooth customisation extends inside too, as everyone who enters can leave with a unique and novel business card. Pictures can also be uploaded to your brand’s Facebook and Twitter feeds or emailed to associates.

Change the venue or environment

The surroundings of an event will effect and influence everyone’s mood. So if your corporate function is taking place in a cold and emotionless office, employees and guests will probably feel rather impassive too.

Carefully mull over your choice of venue and try to make it as enjoyable as possible. Think outside of the box for team building exercises such as camping in the forest or put up a marque in the countryside for the Christmas party.

Come up with some competitions

Giveaways and promotions at a trade event or industry conference are great for promoting your brand and getting products in the hands of customers. But if you introduce an element of competition, everyone will pay attention and feel more engaged.

When it comes to an employee only event, come up with some guessing games or agility tests and get everyone involved. For annual parties or celebrations, dancing and singing competitions are also lots of fun.

Introduce a theme

Functions or events with a particular theme will be well received by guests, while members of staff are bound to find it amusing too. It can be related to the business or something completely random.

Perhaps ask your employees what kind of theme they would prefer and take a vote. By being original and out of the ordinary, more people will take notice of the brand’s funky, light-hearted and people-centric attitude.

Use social media

Along with images from a customised photo booth, your employees and guests can post their own pictures and updates on social media to generate hype, interest and excitement.

Come up with a hashtag to let attendees know how they can get involved and re-visit your preferred networks afterwards to see whether it was a success. This kind of activity can increase brand awareness and improve online reputations.

Even though the thought of a corporate function isn’t very appealing or thrilling, there are a number of ways you can stir up some exuberance, hilarity and glee.

Put some thought into getting the look and feel of your imagery and brand projection right and you will surely reap the rewards of your new found social media focus. Photo booth customisation is just one step along the way to brand stardom!