5 great ideas for your wedding photo booth


5 great ideas for your wedding photo booth

Here at King of the Booth, we are always on hand to provide photo booth hire for a number of very different events and occasions, from corporate functions, anniversaries and Bar Mitzvah’s to private birthday parties and Brand Launches. But you probably won’t be surprised to hear that weddings give us a great deal of business, as photo booths are a superb form of entertainment, bringing your special guests closer together and providing everyone with fun memories to take home, as we help capture all those countless cherished moments.

However, seeing as photo booths are becoming an ever-present feature at a lot of weddings, savvy couples will want to stand out from the crowd and implement their own uniquely cool ideas to amaze guests with. But if you’re struggling to think of ways you can achieve additional excitement, we have come up with 5 great ideas for your wedding photo booth, which are sure to leave a long-lasting impression on all your guests.

Social media hashtag

Along with receiving an instant image printout, guests can also upload their photo booth snaps to social media too. But to increase the impact these photos have on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, why not create a hashtag for guests to use as well?

It doesn’t have to stop with photo booth pictures either, as any images your guests take on their smartphones or cameras can use the same hashtag too. That way, you will be able to see everyone’s perspective of your special day after the event.

Photo booth guestbook

The idea of having a guestbook for wedding attendees to sign is nothing new. However, some guests will feel as though they need to leave fairly formal comments, while others won’t write anything at all.

But if you encourage friends and family members to have their picture taken in a photo booth and then stick the printout in a guestbook alongside funny or heartfelt messages, you will end up with an adored reminder of your wedding.

Themed prop box

At King of the Booth, we can provide you with a prop box full of things like hats, wigs, and glasses for guests to wear. This will get everyone in high spirits from the get go but can also keep the laughs flowing throughout the night.

Nonetheless, if your wedding has a particular theme, why not come up with a prop box that reflects this? Alternatively, think of a subject or topic that you and your guests would appreciate, such as Disney, superheroes, or the Wild West.

Customised background

In many respects, you do not need to worry about customised backgrounds with King of the Booth. This is because our photobooths feature green screen technology, which means we can superimpose various images behind each photo so it looks as though your guests are in front of the Hollywood sign or swimming next to amazing marine life.

But if this is not your cup of tea, we can work together to give you a customised background suitable for your own wedding. For example, our standard red curtain is as stylish and sophisticated as it gets.