Ideas For Custom Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops

Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops

Bride and groom in photobooth.

Ideas for custom wedding photo booth backdrops

When you hire a photo booth from King of the Booth, you can choose from our wide range of curtains and backdrops. Regardless of whether you opt for red, blue, black, or white, these different options can fit in with your event’s overall aesthetic.

What’s more, we can also offer you green screen technology to superimpose any image or logo behind you or your guests in photos. Therefore, you can pretend to be swimming next to great white sharks or standing next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

You can even be Elvis Presley in Honolulu if you want to, just check out our quiffs and sideburns!

However, if you really want your wedding to stand out from the rest and be remembered by guests for years to come, you may want to use a tailor-made background instead. With this in mind, here are some great ideas for custom wedding photo booth backdrops to help make your day go off with a real bang:

Balloon hearts

On a plain background, you can hang up either one giant heart made out of numerous pretty pink balloons or several smaller love hearts positioned both in your photo booth and around the entire venue.

Bales of hay

This is a particularly fun idea if your wedding happens to be taking place in a converted barn or rural setting. Bales of hay can be found at animal feed stores (or farms and stables) and are perfectly complimented by suspended empty frames.

Coloured ribbon and lace

Chances are your wedding has its own special colour scheme, so why not replicate this in your photo booth too? Pick up some strips of fancy ribbon and lace from an arts and crafts shop that matches your tablecloths, centrepieces, and flower arrangements.

Cotton wool clouds

Seeing as you will probably be on cloud nine for the duration of your wedding day, you should give guests the chance to join you by creating some cotton wool replicas in your photo booth. Positively dreamy!

Oversized customised picture frame

Easy to make with some cardboard and paint, an oversized picture frame will provide added entertainment for your guests. With the addition of your name and the date, this customised prop means that photos will always be remembered too.

Starry night sky

Take an old black curtain, buy some small white lights, and poke these through the fabric to create a starry night sky. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even create a moon using plywood or papier-mâché. Shine on you crazy diamond!

Suspended flowers

Again, this can match the flowers you have chosen for your wedding. Simply attach the stems together using coloured tape and drape down the background. Not only will they look good, their fragrance will infuse the booth with a lovely naturally perfumed aesthetic too!

Sparkly tassels or tinsel

The glittering and glistening nature of tassels or tinsel can add glamour and extra pop to your photo booth images. If you feel as though this could be a little overwhelming but still want some sparkle, consider a disco ball instead. Use light to create more interest around your guests when they are getting their mug shots done!

Wallpaper-like fabric

With the addition of frames, flowers or even a light fixture, wallpaper-like fabric can make your photo booth look like the interior of a home. Give the booth that homely lived in look.

Your names and the date

Just in case anybody forgets where and when their photo booth picture was taken, you could always fill the background with your names and the date of the wedding.

The letters can either be bold and brash or simple and subtle. Personalise them to your own specific requirements and overall event ambiance.