How Photo Booths can Help Married Couples Celebrate

Photo booths are a fun, interesting and memorable addition to a celebration, and a marriage is a thing worth celebrating. As well as the wedding day itself, couples may rightly celebrate their engagement beforehand and many anniversaries after.

Whatever stage of your relationship you and your spouse (or future spouse) are at, photo booths can be a valuable addition to your celebrations. Whether you have just popped the question or are celebrating many, many years together, they can help you create wonderful mementoes of your celebration while adding a whole extra level of fun to the event.


Contrary to what you might think, a marriage doesn’t start on the wedding day. It starts when you first agree you want to be together forever and enshrine that fact in law for all to see. While the wedding day is still the bigger event because it’s the day you actually become married, it’s a shame that the engagement tends to get quite so overshadowed. A photo booth provides you with a fun, informal way to document your engagement party. You, your partner, and all your family and friends will be free to create distinctive and personalised photos to preserve the joy of the occasion. Everyone who uses the photo booth will get an instant high-quality print to take home, and you will get all the photos on CD afterwards.

Wedding Day

Pretty much everyone understands the value of documenting your wedding day, and that’s why it’s standard practice to hire a photographer. But a photo booth can still be a fantastic addition to the day. People will probably feel more relaxed and able to express themselves while mucking around with props in a photo booth than posing for a photo or politely socialising around the buffet table. Getting some extra photos from a photo booth will capture the sense of fun that exists at a wedding reception, and the individual personalities of your friends and relatives. Then, you will be free to add these to your album to look back on in the future, while your guests get to take their instant prints home to remember the day by.


Engagements and weddings start off your marriage, but anniversaries go on for the rest of your lives together. While not every year will be a huge celebration, certain landmark anniversaries are definitely worth celebrating. Whether it’s the very first, the tenth, or the fiftieth you are likely to have at least one or two anniversary parties in a long, happy marriage. There are a number of reasons you might want to add a photo booth to the celebrations. Just like the day you got married, it is worth capturing memories in photographs to look back on and a photo booth is a fun and different way to achieve this. It also provides guests with a fun activity that tends to go down well and act as an excellent ice breaker. This is especially useful for landmark anniversaries where both partners will be inviting large sections of their families, as not everyone will know each other well.