The Gif Booth

Gif Booth Hire

Introducing the King of The Booth Gif Booth – Bringing you a new and exciting way to engage and capture guests enjoying themselves at your event. Hire a gif booth and prepare to impress. It takes up to 6 photos in a quick succession. It then turns those images into a moving image –gif. The King of the booth gif booth can all be connected to the host or brands social media so you can see brands such as Benefit Cosmetics and Urban Outfitters are fans.

Here is our gif booth all branded up for The Good Ship Benefit. We have been lucky to work with Benefit cosmetics for the last 5 months where they had a gif booth on deck for all their customers and guests to enjoy. The Gif booth is proving a huge hit, its fun, engaging and an easy way to gain extra social media coverage you’re your event or promotion.