8 Tips for a Fabulous Wedding Photo Booth Experience

Wedding Photo Booth

Bride and groom in photobooth.

When it comes to the wedding reception, a photo booth is an amazing feature for guests to take advantage of. It will get the excitement flowing and it will give your guests something to do during the big day, while also giving them a little memento from your special day. So how can you get the most from your wedding booth experience?

Understand what you need

Deciding what type of photo booth is the first step because a photo booth can, in actual fact offer many different things. Take a look at the options available and then decide which one works best for you.

Match the photo booth to the wedding

You may have a theme for your wedding or it may be taking place in a manor house or even outdoors. Whatever you have decided, it is important to understand how your wedding is going to look and feel before choosing a photo booth. Doing this will ensure that your theme and the photo booth both work well together.

How it looks

If you are looking for a photo booth that looks smart and not over-bearing, then opting to use a self-contained photo booth is the best option. This is because the photo booth comes with a lot of equipment such as cables, the props and the camera.

Special features

Photo booths come with a wide range of features depending on the one you choose, so finding out what features you would like will help you to make the right decision. You can get photo booths with external screens so while your guests are waiting to go in, they can see what is going on inside, providing plenty of laughter.

Take a look

Some photo booths come with a bench or a stool for people to sit on and others require people to stand. Taking a look inside before the big day will enable you to get a feel for how it is going to work while also understanding how many people can fit in.

How will you get the images?

You will want your guests to really enjoy the experience of the photo booth, but you will also want them to have their photos as soon as they leave. However, one thing you need to ask is:

When will people get the images?
What is the images quality like?
How will my photos be printed?
How many pictures can I take?
Can I see my image before printing?

How long will it be needed for?

It is important to understand how long you will need to hire the photo booth for, also find out if the provider is flexible should you decide to change your mind during the wedding and want it for longer.
Enjoy it

Once you have everything in place and you have chosen the right photobooth and company to provide it, it is time to look forward to your special day.