How to throw the perfect party

Woman in a Photo Booth party holding glasses and bow tie pouting lips

From birthdays and anniversaries to christenings and retirements, there are various occasions where throwing a party is absolutely essential. But making sure everyone has an amazing and memorable time is quite a trying and taxing task requiring considerable forethought!

Even so, organising and pulling off the perfect party is often easier than you may think. Simply abide by the following simple perfect party tips and you’ll be having just as much fun as your guests!

Come up with a theme

All the best parties tend to have a theme, so try and pick something that everyone will enjoy and be able to participate in. Guests don’t have to dress up, but your decorations and food can still be inspired by a certain topic, decade or profession.

Obvious examples include doctors and nurses, gangsters and flappers or pirates and wenches. However, you may also want to choose an alphabet theme and get people to come along as a person or character inspired by a letter.

Choose the right music

Music is incredibly important when it comes to setting the mood for the night. For smaller parties, hiring a DJ is probably too expensive and perhaps unnecessary, so create a playlist in advance with some appropriate tunes.

Stick with the evening’s theme or start by playing some mellow music before getting more lively as the night goes on. You may also want to invite your guests to take it in turns as the DJ too.

Think carefully about food

Food will be one of your biggest concerns, but don’t worry too much, as sometimes the simplest options are the best. Comfort food is bound to be a crowd pleaser, especially during winter, and won’t be too difficult to cook.

Plan out your appetisers in advance and have them ready for when guests arrive. Always have nibbles like nuts and olives around, but make sure you know who is vegetarian and who has allergies.

Hire a photo booth

Hiring a photobooth for parties is a great idea, as guests will have no end of fun trying on silly wigs or oversized glasses while having their picture taken.

It is the perfect distraction while you’re cooking and can capture some ever-lasting memories of the day. With King of the Booth’s photobooth for parties, we can deliver, setup and collect within 50 miles of our base and have someone standing by to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Plan as far in advance as possible

As soon as you have a set a date, try and start planning straight away. This will keep stress at bay and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Write invitations and send them out early, make a grocery list and shop online but don’t forget about things like plates and utensils. If you are organised and prepared, your guests are sure to have a great time and you’ll be able to join in with the merriment as well.

Ask anyone who has thrown a party before and they’ll probably tell you it isn’t easy at the best of times. But these tips should stand you and your guests in good stead.

At the end of the day, if you get the basics right, such hire of a photobooth for your party, good food, good music and a great memorable theme all together, then you will hit the jackpot and your party will go with a bang.