How to improve your social media marketing

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According to inbound marketing and sales platform Hubspot, 92 per cent of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business. What’s more, a further 80 per cent said this promotional and publicity tool increased traffic to their websites.

But even if you are finding plenty of success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, there is always room for improvement. With social media you will no doubt be creating opportunities at fun days, Christmas Office parties and the like, which you could leverage your social media profile from. Things such as corporate photobooth rental or hire could be just one of the many avenues that you should pursue to get your message across online.

Here are some further tips, hints and suggestions on how to boost your social media marketing exposure:-

Use real photos instead of stock images

Despite the fact it is easy to find and use high-quality stock images, your audience will know straight away that they are generic and rather uninspiring.

But real photos that the business has taken will resonate with social media fans and followers, who are sure to hold your brand in high esteem.

Photobooths for corporate functions and events are also a great idea, as online observers will feel like they are there and can get a real feel of what the business is all about. Photobooths for corporate functions from King of the Booth feature Facebook and Twitter functionality, enabling you to upload snaps with hashtags or share images on personal timelines.

Try paid-for promotion

When social media marketing first burst onto the scene, brands and businesses couldn’t believe their luck. These networks gave marketers the opportunity to publicise products to scores of potential customers and interact with both new and existing clients instantaneously, all for free.

But nowadays, organic reach is becoming much harder to achieve, which means several organisations are turning to paid-for promotion. While you might be reluctant to do this at first, it allows for targeting of specific audiences and comes with a range of measurement and analysis tools too.

Give your brand a voice

Even though professionalism remains incredibly important on social media, your fans and followers won’t be very receptive to updates that are overly formal and lack personality. So, instead of sounding like a lifeless and tedious corporation, give your brand a voice.

Notable examples include Taco Bell and Paddy Power, both of whom understand their respective audiences explicitly and communicate in the most relevant way possible. Stay true to your company culture and core values, but inject some character and charisma into your social media activity.

Don’t just share your own content

Constantly posting tweets and updates about your latest news or product developments feels too much like a sales pitch. Your audience will soon get tired of obvious self-promotion, won’t share your activity and may end up looking at your competitors’ feeds instead.

But if you share content from other sources, such as trending news stories, insightful industry comment or even amusing animal videos, your clients and customers will benefit from relevant content and have a reason to stick around.

Social media marketing isn’t always easy and requires a lot of time, effort and dedication. But if you implement the suggested improvements, more success and prosperity should come to you and your brand as word spreads online.