Throwing an event this summer? Here are 2015’s biggest trends

With summer just around the corner, a great many of us will have our fingers crossed for some lovely warm and sunny weather. But in addition to going on holiday or heading off to the beach, summer is a time when no end of summertime events, parties and occasions will be taking place.

Favourable temperatures are usually enough to satisfy the wants and needs of most partygoers and dinner guests, but those throwing these events still need to guarantee a good time will be had by all. For inspiration, we are taking a closer look at Event magazine’s list of 2015’s biggest trends.

Photobooth hire

Alongside choosing a venue with good Wi-Fi and generating some buzz with social media hype through hashtags, you will also need to book a photobooth in order for guests to share their event experience online.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in event planning and actually making a lot of processes easier. The same can be said for these photographic booths, which eliminate the need to hire a photographer and allows guests to entertain themselves.

In this 24 / 7 world instant photographic gratification can therefore now be easily provided to all of your attendees on the day or night of your event.

Our photobooth here at King of the Booth has Facebook, Twitter and email integration, meaning guests can update their social media activity in real-time, helping to keep everyone in the loop!

Scaled-back food

Quite a few events will have a specific schedule, where guests are required to sit down and eat a formal dinner at a particular time. But this might not be the way to go anymore, as people want more freedom and fun with their food.

According to Carly Mitchell, deputy head of Ultimate Experience at Concerto Group: “Food is changing for summer, it’s not just about seated dinners anymore.”

This means you should adopt a street food-style service or concentrate on smaller portions when serving up sustenance this summer.

Sitting down to eat together is so last year today!

Film and literature themes

You can’t go wrong with a themed event, as it gets guests in the mood straight away and enables everyone to join in with the merriment. But this summer, film and literature look to take hold due to high-profile cinema releases and significant movie milestones.

As you are no doubt aware, the latest Star Wars film will be hitting the big screen soon, which could make for a great event theme. If you have always fancied donning the Chewbacca look then this summer could provide you with your best chance! If there is a photo-booth present too then make sure that you jump in to record your hairy new look!

Alternatively, you could take a more nostalgic approach and celebrate some of those age-old classics. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland and it is now somewhat incredibly 30 years since Back to the Future travelled forward in time!

Brilliantly British

This year has already been quite momentous for Great Britain, with the birth of a new princess and a surprise election victory for the Conservatives. So, you might want to capitalise on these landmarks with a royal-themed event or patriotic party.

But that doesn’t mean to say going back in time won’t work either. Milan Thakrar, business development manager at Historic Royal Palaces told Event: “Henry VIII is quite popular at the moment, and obviously we are seeing the William and Kate effect.

“The poppies installation at the Tower of London also meant we could showcase Britain’s history to a more modern consumer, as well as bring a new approach to events.”

So, for those struggling to think of ideas for their event this summer, these trendy and topical suggestions should hopefully give you some real inspiration for the Great British summertime ahead of us all!