New EE Store Opening in Basingstoke

On September 5th King of the Booth participated with EE in celebration of their recently new store opening in Festival Place Shopping Centre, Basingstoke.

As seen here, EE hired and personally designed a Compact Photo Booth.

The Booth was in the middle of Festival Place to help EE promote the launch of their new store. It’d been a very busy and entertaining day. The Photo Booth loved by both shopaholics and those who’d been dragged out to the shopping centre that day. The Compact Photo Booth was the best way to cram as many passing by shoppers into just one photo.

One brilliant and convenient thing about the Compact Photo Booth was once users of the Booth had snapped their four wacky and prop filled photos they had the choice to upload their photos straight onto social media platforms, such as their emails, Facebook and Twitter, which gave EE extra coverage around Festival Place Shopping Centre, the general area and online.