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The Gif Booth

Gif Booth Hire

Introducing the King of The Booth Gif Booth – Bringing you a new and exciting way to engage and capture guests enjoying themselves at your event. Hire a gif booth and prepare to impress. It takes up to 6 photos in a quick succession. It then turns those images into a moving image –gif. The King of the booth gif booth can all be connected to the host or brands social media so you can see brands such as Benefit Cosmetics and Urban Outfitters are fans.

Here is our gif booth all branded up for The Good Ship Benefit. We have been lucky to work with Benefit cosmetics for the last 5 months where they had a gif booth on deck for all their customers and guests to enjoy. The Gif booth is proving a huge hit, its fun, engaging and an easy way to gain extra social media coverage you’re your event or promotion.

8 Tips for a Fabulous Wedding Photo Booth Experience

Wedding Photo Booth

Bride and groom in photobooth.

When it comes to the wedding reception, a photo booth is an amazing feature for guests to take advantage of. It will get the excitement flowing and it will give your guests something to do during the big day, while also giving them a little memento from your special day. So how can you get the most from your wedding booth experience?

Understand what you need

Deciding what type of photo booth is the first step because a photo booth can, in actual fact offer many different things. Take a look at the options available and then decide which one works best for you.

Match the photo booth to the wedding

You may have a theme for your wedding or it may be taking place in a manor house or even outdoors. Whatever you have decided, it is important to understand how your wedding is going to look and feel before choosing a photo booth. Doing this will ensure that your theme and the photo booth both work well together.

How it looks

If you are looking for a photo booth that looks smart and not over-bearing, then opting to use a self-contained photo booth is the best option. This is because the photo booth comes with a lot of equipment such as cables, the props and the camera.

Special features

Photo booths come with a wide range of features depending on the one you choose, so finding out what features you would like will help you to make the right decision. You can get photo booths with external screens so while your guests are waiting to go in, they can see what is going on inside, providing plenty of laughter.

Take a look

Some photo booths come with a bench or a stool for people to sit on and others require people to stand. Taking a look inside before the big day will enable you to get a feel for how it is going to work while also understanding how many people can fit in.

How will you get the images?

You will want your guests to really enjoy the experience of the photo booth, but you will also want them to have their photos as soon as they leave. However, one thing you need to ask is:

When will people get the images?
What is the images quality like?
How will my photos be printed?
How many pictures can I take?
Can I see my image before printing?

How long will it be needed for?

It is important to understand how long you will need to hire the photo booth for, also find out if the provider is flexible should you decide to change your mind during the wedding and want it for longer.
Enjoy it

Once you have everything in place and you have chosen the right photobooth and company to provide it, it is time to look forward to your special day.

Advice For Your Next Corporate Photo Booth Hire

Corporate Photo Booth Hire

Photo booths are the perfect addition or alternative to a photographer for any corporate event. Many large brands opt to use them as they can become extremely strong promotional tools.

Corporate events are organised for a number of reasons but introducing a photo booth is a great way of promoting a business as they come with many different marketing features.

The area of corporate photo booths is one that is varied and broad because it can cover conferences during the day or even a fun and exciting alternative during a product launch or a work party. In fact, they are ideal for any corporate event.

When you consider that some of the largest companies in the world are taking advantage of photo booths it proves just how powerful they can be and that is exactly why you need to consider one at your next corporate event. Guests will absolutely love the idea and the fun behind a photo booth and giving your event an extra level of uniqueness. Whether you are looking for different backdrops, props, animated GIFs or data capture then a photo booth has it all covered.

Having a photo booth present will create an element of excitement and whether it is a work party or a promotional event, guests will be able to immerse themselves into the event proving that the benefits of a photo booth stretch a lot further than the image it captures – which of course is a huge benefit in itself.

When it comes to corporate photo booth hire, data capture is a huge advantage and this is why many companies are requesting to use it. This means that companies are capturing email addresses through guests providing their details in order to have their photo emailed to themselves.

Should a guest upload an image to Facebook it is possible to obtain their name, age, city, date of birth and email address, although this is reliant on the privacy settings that the guest has in place but it is possible to get the details that you need.

Allowing guests to upload their photos to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is the ideal way to create a social media presence. Great images can quickly gain a lot of likes and that certainly creates a presence that cannot be achieved through the usual avenues. From just a few hundred photos, the number of hits or likes can run into the hundreds of thousands and that proves that a photo booth can provide an unbelievable return on investment. Another interesting point is that any social media uploads are not just an advert that appears for a short period of time as they will always be online and so, once friends are tagged in it and they begin to share it, it will spread around and give your brand and corporate event a visual presence.

Photo booths are the ideal tool for any corporate event, regardless of the need. They enable guests to have lots of fun and that is just the start of what it offers because once you begin to gather data and once images are shared it can make the difference to how your business and corporate event is perceived.

London Fashion Week Photo Booth Action

London Fashion Week Photo Booth Hire

London Fashion Week is upon us. It’s a week for of parties and experiential events and we were lucky to have photo booths at many of them all around London.

Day one we found ourselves at the Stradivarius Flagship store where they celebrated the launch of their Oxford Street store. The event was under the umbrella of The Event Paper.

It was a vibrant party packed with influential Fashion bloggers and celebrities. Hayley Baldwin was the guest of honor and she certainly wowed.

The compact photo booth was a real hit and had a queue all night with endless compliments about the fantastic lighting.

The photo booth print outs were all fully branded and had made 1000’s of impressions across social media. You can find many of these by searching the events unique Hash Tag #StradivariusLondon and #TheEventPaper

Customised Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Customised Photo Booth Hire

King of the booth offer a fully bespoke photo booth hire experience.

Check out the photo booth of the super gorgeous Amy and Ledley King – We customized the exterior with the bride and grooms monogram. As seen in Hello! Magazine.

This really added the wow factor and we have had many happy couples follow suit.

The happy couple went for black and white photos and custom printouts.

All the prints out were carefully stuck in their guestbook for them to cherish for years to come.

The Gif Booth

Gif Booth

Gif Booth HireIntroducing the King of The Booth Gif Booth – Bringing you a new and exciting way to engage and capture guests enjoying themselves at your event. Hire a gif booth and prepare to impress. It takes up to 6 photos in a quick succession. It then turns those images into a moving image, a gif.

The King of the booth gif booth can all be connected to the host or brands social media so you can see brands such as Benefit Cosmetics and Urban Outfitters are fans.

Here is our gif booth all branded up for The Good Ship Benefit. We have been lucky to work with Benefit cosmetics for the last 5 months where they had a gif booth on deck for all their customers and guests to enjoy.

The Gif booth is proving a huge hit, its fun, engaging and an easy way to gain extra social media coverage you’re your event or promotion.

Ideas For Custom Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops

Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops

Bride and groom in photobooth.

Ideas for custom wedding photo booth backdrops

When you hire a photo booth from King of the Booth, you can choose from our wide range of curtains and backdrops. Regardless of whether you opt for red, blue, black, or white, these different options can fit in with your event’s overall aesthetic.

What’s more, we can also offer you green screen technology to superimpose any image or logo behind you or your guests in photos. Therefore, you can pretend to be swimming next to great white sharks or standing next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

You can even be Elvis Presley in Honolulu if you want to, just check out our quiffs and sideburns!

However, if you really want your wedding to stand out from the rest and be remembered by guests for years to come, you may want to use a tailor-made background instead. With this in mind, here are some great ideas for custom wedding photo booth backdrops to help make your day go off with a real bang:

Balloon hearts

On a plain background, you can hang up either one giant heart made out of numerous pretty pink balloons or several smaller love hearts positioned both in your photo booth and around the entire venue.

Bales of hay

This is a particularly fun idea if your wedding happens to be taking place in a converted barn or rural setting. Bales of hay can be found at animal feed stores (or farms and stables) and are perfectly complimented by suspended empty frames.

Coloured ribbon and lace

Chances are your wedding has its own special colour scheme, so why not replicate this in your photo booth too? Pick up some strips of fancy ribbon and lace from an arts and crafts shop that matches your tablecloths, centrepieces, and flower arrangements.

Cotton wool clouds

Seeing as you will probably be on cloud nine for the duration of your wedding day, you should give guests the chance to join you by creating some cotton wool replicas in your photo booth. Positively dreamy!

Oversized customised picture frame

Easy to make with some cardboard and paint, an oversized picture frame will provide added entertainment for your guests. With the addition of your name and the date, this customised prop means that photos will always be remembered too.

Starry night sky

Take an old black curtain, buy some small white lights, and poke these through the fabric to create a starry night sky. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even create a moon using plywood or papier-mâché. Shine on you crazy diamond!

Suspended flowers

Again, this can match the flowers you have chosen for your wedding. Simply attach the stems together using coloured tape and drape down the background. Not only will they look good, their fragrance will infuse the booth with a lovely naturally perfumed aesthetic too!

Sparkly tassels or tinsel

The glittering and glistening nature of tassels or tinsel can add glamour and extra pop to your photo booth images. If you feel as though this could be a little overwhelming but still want some sparkle, consider a disco ball instead. Use light to create more interest around your guests when they are getting their mug shots done!

Wallpaper-like fabric

With the addition of frames, flowers or even a light fixture, wallpaper-like fabric can make your photo booth look like the interior of a home. Give the booth that homely lived in look.

Your names and the date

Just in case anybody forgets where and when their photo booth picture was taken, you could always fill the background with your names and the date of the wedding.

The letters can either be bold and brash or simple and subtle. Personalise them to your own specific requirements and overall event ambiance.

5 great ideas for your wedding photo booth


5 great ideas for your wedding photo booth

Here at King of the Booth, we are always on hand to provide photo booth hire for a number of very different events and occasions, from corporate functions, anniversaries and Bar Mitzvah’s to private birthday parties and Brand Launches. But you probably won’t be surprised to hear that weddings give us a great deal of business, as photo booths are a superb form of entertainment, bringing your special guests closer together and providing everyone with fun memories to take home, as we help capture all those countless cherished moments.

However, seeing as photo booths are becoming an ever-present feature at a lot of weddings, savvy couples will want to stand out from the crowd and implement their own uniquely cool ideas to amaze guests with. But if you’re struggling to think of ways you can achieve additional excitement, we have come up with 5 great ideas for your wedding photo booth, which are sure to leave a long-lasting impression on all your guests.

Social media hashtag

Along with receiving an instant image printout, guests can also upload their photo booth snaps to social media too. But to increase the impact these photos have on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, why not create a hashtag for guests to use as well?

It doesn’t have to stop with photo booth pictures either, as any images your guests take on their smartphones or cameras can use the same hashtag too. That way, you will be able to see everyone’s perspective of your special day after the event.

Photo booth guestbook

The idea of having a guestbook for wedding attendees to sign is nothing new. However, some guests will feel as though they need to leave fairly formal comments, while others won’t write anything at all.

But if you encourage friends and family members to have their picture taken in a photo booth and then stick the printout in a guestbook alongside funny or heartfelt messages, you will end up with an adored reminder of your wedding.

Themed prop box

At King of the Booth, we can provide you with a prop box full of things like hats, wigs, and glasses for guests to wear. This will get everyone in high spirits from the get go but can also keep the laughs flowing throughout the night.

Nonetheless, if your wedding has a particular theme, why not come up with a prop box that reflects this? Alternatively, think of a subject or topic that you and your guests would appreciate, such as Disney, superheroes, or the Wild West.

Customised background

In many respects, you do not need to worry about customised backgrounds with King of the Booth. This is because our photobooths feature green screen technology, which means we can superimpose various images behind each photo so it looks as though your guests are in front of the Hollywood sign or swimming next to amazing marine life.

But if this is not your cup of tea, we can work together to give you a customised background suitable for your own wedding. For example, our standard red curtain is as stylish and sophisticated as it gets.

COSMOPOLITAN in Birmingham

From Friday 16th through to Sunday 18th, King of the Booth worked alongside with Cosmopolitan in Birmingham’s busy shopping centre, the Bull Ring. Cosmo were there to promote their latest November issue. This was our second stop with Cosmo for consumers to have a chance to win a holiday. We’re hitting locations up and down England such as Birmingham, Stratford-London and Newcastle.

A way in which Cosmo wanted everyday shoppers to get stuck in and involved was a chance to win a holiday, in association with NEW LOOK, around the world, over 50 countries to choose from. A destination suited to your ‘DNA’. They’d set up a quiz, asking a bunch of questions to ultimately see what type of a traveller you were.

Once they’d finish the quiz, it would show them which destination would be best suited for them. Then with their ticket, shoppers made their way to the green screen backdrop and positioned themselves in front of our smallest, portable compact booth.

Users were able to select the destination they were given or any at their preference as a background, monuments such as Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China. Once they’d taken their picture and received their own copy, they also had the option to upload the image digitally via social media such as Facebook or Twitter. The images were also being shown on screens in the shopping centre so shoppers passing by were able to see what was going on.


17th September King of the Booth worked alongside with Cosmopolitan at their before and after party for #FashFest2015 at Battersea Park, London.

Cosmopolitan hired two traditional Photo Booths, one either end of the venue, one booth placed just by the entrance and the other placed by the catwalk stage. It was a great way for guests to capture memorable moments from the glamour and fun excitement of the night.

In the celebration of high street AW15 fashion, Cosmopolitan had various forms of entertainment for their VIP guests, such as Capital FM selfie stand, spray tanning booths, professional celebrity hair and makeup stands run by GHD and BarryM, and alcoholic beverage bars run by Baileys.

As well as the beauty and fun, Cosmopolitan invited celebrities and bloggers to enjoy the fabulous night. Such as TOWIE’S Gemma Collins, Channel 4’s T4 presenter Jameela Jamil.

The night concluded in guest star Connor Maynard, hit singles performed such as “I Can’t Say No”, “Where are U Now” and “R U Crazy” . Another guest star act who performed was Kelly Lee, who performed featured songs by Duke Dumont such as “I Got U” and various cover songs by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

New EE Store Opening in Basingstoke

On September 5th King of the Booth participated with EE in celebration of their recently new store opening in Festival Place Shopping Centre, Basingstoke.

As seen here, EE hired and personally designed a Compact Photo Booth.

The Booth was in the middle of Festival Place to help EE promote the launch of their new store. It’d been a very busy and entertaining day. The Photo Booth loved by both shopaholics and those who’d been dragged out to the shopping centre that day. The Compact Photo Booth was the best way to cram as many passing by shoppers into just one photo.

One brilliant and convenient thing about the Compact Photo Booth was once users of the Booth had snapped their four wacky and prop filled photos they had the choice to upload their photos straight onto social media platforms, such as their emails, Facebook and Twitter, which gave EE extra coverage around Festival Place Shopping Centre, the general area and online.

OLLY MURS ‘Never Been Better’ UK Tour 2015

From March till the late Summer, King of the Booth have travelled across England, Scotland and Wales alongside with Olly Murs and his crew on his most recent UK tour, ‘Never Been Better’. The Photo Booth hired was our smallest and most compactable booth.

Olly Mur’s devoted, screaming fans were able to use the Photo Booth before and after the show, which you could imagine was very busy, none the less exciting and fun.

Olly Murs himself, his special guest Ella Eyre and his band and crew were able to enjoy the Photo Booth themselves!

Throwing an event this summer? Here are 2015’s biggest trends

With summer just around the corner, a great many of us will have our fingers crossed for some lovely warm and sunny weather. But in addition to going on holiday or heading off to the beach, summer is a time when no end of summertime events, parties and occasions will be taking place.

Favourable temperatures are usually enough to satisfy the wants and needs of most partygoers and dinner guests, but those throwing these events still need to guarantee a good time will be had by all. For inspiration, we are taking a closer look at Event magazine’s list of 2015’s biggest trends.

Photobooth hire

Alongside choosing a venue with good Wi-Fi and generating some buzz with social media hype through hashtags, you will also need to book a photobooth in order for guests to share their event experience online.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in event planning and actually making a lot of processes easier. The same can be said for these photographic booths, which eliminate the need to hire a photographer and allows guests to entertain themselves.

In this 24 / 7 world instant photographic gratification can therefore now be easily provided to all of your attendees on the day or night of your event.

Our photobooth here at King of the Booth has Facebook, Twitter and email integration, meaning guests can update their social media activity in real-time, helping to keep everyone in the loop!

Scaled-back food

Quite a few events will have a specific schedule, where guests are required to sit down and eat a formal dinner at a particular time. But this might not be the way to go anymore, as people want more freedom and fun with their food.

According to Carly Mitchell, deputy head of Ultimate Experience at Concerto Group: “Food is changing for summer, it’s not just about seated dinners anymore.”

This means you should adopt a street food-style service or concentrate on smaller portions when serving up sustenance this summer.

Sitting down to eat together is so last year today!

Film and literature themes

You can’t go wrong with a themed event, as it gets guests in the mood straight away and enables everyone to join in with the merriment. But this summer, film and literature look to take hold due to high-profile cinema releases and significant movie milestones.

As you are no doubt aware, the latest Star Wars film will be hitting the big screen soon, which could make for a great event theme. If you have always fancied donning the Chewbacca look then this summer could provide you with your best chance! If there is a photo-booth present too then make sure that you jump in to record your hairy new look!

Alternatively, you could take a more nostalgic approach and celebrate some of those age-old classics. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland and it is now somewhat incredibly 30 years since Back to the Future travelled forward in time!

Brilliantly British

This year has already been quite momentous for Great Britain, with the birth of a new princess and a surprise election victory for the Conservatives. So, you might want to capitalise on these landmarks with a royal-themed event or patriotic party.

But that doesn’t mean to say going back in time won’t work either. Milan Thakrar, business development manager at Historic Royal Palaces told Event: “Henry VIII is quite popular at the moment, and obviously we are seeing the William and Kate effect.

“The poppies installation at the Tower of London also meant we could showcase Britain’s history to a more modern consumer, as well as bring a new approach to events.”

So, for those struggling to think of ideas for their event this summer, these trendy and topical suggestions should hopefully give you some real inspiration for the Great British summertime ahead of us all!

Event planning tips for corporate functions

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

If you’ve got a big trade show, industry conference or promotional event coming up, you’ll want to make sure every little detail has been thought about. But planning and preparing for corporate functions can be quite stressful and you could quite easily forget about something.

At the same time, you’ll want potential customers and prospective clients to be impressed by your showing and hopefully convince them to become paying patrons or precious new partners!

So, to ensure your corporate function goes down well, here are some essential event planning tips for you to pontificate about!

Start at the end and work backwards

This may sound a little strange, but if you start at the end and work backwards, you can make sure your goals will be achieved. What do you want your guests to be saying after they leave and how will you measure effectiveness?

You are bound to have a brief in mind with some specific objectives, such as making more contacts or securing bigger sales, so think about the elements that would make your corporate function a success and work towards these.

Make it part of your marketing strategy

Don’t treat any corporate function as just a standalone event, as they provide huge potential to build ongoing brand awareness, improve your standing and promote your products or services over time. Therefore, make them a part of your integrated marketing strategy.

You should also make sure every element of your event reflects the brand’s identity and is planned to help achieve overall marketing goals and thus hit your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

Always consider your audience

Attracting plenty of attention is always a good thing, but focus your efforts on converting prospects with a genuine interest in your business. Remember that the quality of customers is more important than quantity.

On top of that, you should be tailoring your showing to meet the wants and needs of the audience. You really can’t please all of the people all of the time, so do try to have a good idea of your target demographic.

Stand out from the crowd

Despite the fact corporate functions are great for achieving certain objectives, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd and entertain the masses in some special one-off way. You need to wow and dazzle your audience and this is where we can come into the equation!

Think about hiring our very own fully customisable corporate photo booth to attraction attention and leave a long lasting impression with your guests. In addition to having fun, those that have their picture taken will also be taking home your business card, as photos can be branded with your corporate logo.

Remember the importance of ROI

Before the function takes place, your mind is sure to be pre-occupied with the planning and logistical side of things, as an event that doesn’t run smoothly could do more harm than good. Get the basics right, including all the elements that will make the event captivating and fun on the day, and you will have setup a platform for success!

You naturally will need to seriously consider the importance of your eventual ROI (Return On Investment) as well. After all, the majority of businesses will attend an event with some definite intentions and overall objectives in mind. Don’t lose track of these and be certain that your efforts will be worthwhile in the end.

Corporate Photo Booth hire or rental is just one example of a cost effective and fun element that you can bring along to any corporate event leaving a lasting impression with your corporate events visitors.

Follow this advice and you’ll no doubt have an enjoyable yet ultimately highly successful corporate function.

How to choose a wedding photographer


Even though there is a myriad of things to think about when it comes to planning and organising your wedding day, finding and hiring the right photographer is crucial. While many aunts, uncles and other guests will be taking pictures and recording videos, only a professional photographer can truly capture those valuable life-long memories.

But knowing what to look for in your personal paparazzi can be a bit tricky. So, with this in mind, here is how to choose a wedding photographer to add to the photobooth hire and army of amateur photographers that you will have at your disposal on the day!

Pick a style

Before looking at possible photographers, decide what kind of style you would prefer. Do you want traditional posed images, spontaneous and candid shots, fine art photography or unconventional and edgy framing?

Some photographers are flexible and adaptable to your wants and needs, while others will specialise in particular fields.

Determine the level of service

Alongside photobooth hire from King of the Booth, which will keep guests entertained while taking some unforgettable photos, you’ll need to decide the level of service you want from your photographer.

From just a couple of hours at the ceremony to a whole day of preparation and partying, think about how long you want the photographer to be around for.

Come up with a budget

For many hopeful brides and grooms, getting high quality photographs will be top priority. However, some couples will prefer to spend more money on food and entertainment. For your photos of the big day, photobooth hire and your chosen professional snapper will likely be the major sources of images that will stand the test of time.

So prior to researching photographers, come up with a budget. Generally speaking, photographer fees, prints, albums etc. come to approximately 12 per cent of the average wedding budget.

Start researching

Once you chosen a style and budget, you can start researching potential photographers. Look online, browse local listings or speak to friends and family members, as word-of-mouth recommendations are often the best.

If you’ve found a few possible options, make sure their portfolio fits in with the style you want and are available on the day. You don’t want to get your hopes up only to find out they’ve already been booked.

Speak to photographers

If possible, make appointments with your candidates and have an informal chat or interview. They should bring some examples with them, which you can discuss and examine for things like colour, clarity and composition.

But apart from gauging their proficiency and professionalism, you’ll also need to know whether your personalities are compatible. He or she will be a substantial participant in your wedding day and if you don’t feel comfortable around them, your photos might not look natural or how you would like.

Don’t forget to confirm

After you’ve found the perfect match and double checked things like equipment, image rights, photograph packages and postproduction information, you can go ahead and confirm.

Make sure every possible detail is included in the contract before signing on the dotted line. It is also a good idea to contact your chosen photographer a couple of times before the big day.

Along with photobooth hire, choosing the right photographer can make or break a wedding day. But follow these tips and you’ll have the perfect pictures to look back on with happiness and joy.

How to improve your social media marketing

Social network concept finger people in discussion with speech bubbles

According to inbound marketing and sales platform Hubspot, 92 per cent of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business. What’s more, a further 80 per cent said this promotional and publicity tool increased traffic to their websites.

But even if you are finding plenty of success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, there is always room for improvement. With social media you will no doubt be creating opportunities at fun days, Christmas Office parties and the like, which you could leverage your social media profile from. Things such as corporate photobooth rental or hire could be just one of the many avenues that you should pursue to get your message across online.

Here are some further tips, hints and suggestions on how to boost your social media marketing exposure:-

Use real photos instead of stock images

Despite the fact it is easy to find and use high-quality stock images, your audience will know straight away that they are generic and rather uninspiring.

But real photos that the business has taken will resonate with social media fans and followers, who are sure to hold your brand in high esteem.

Photobooths for corporate functions and events are also a great idea, as online observers will feel like they are there and can get a real feel of what the business is all about. Photobooths for corporate functions from King of the Booth feature Facebook and Twitter functionality, enabling you to upload snaps with hashtags or share images on personal timelines.

Try paid-for promotion

When social media marketing first burst onto the scene, brands and businesses couldn’t believe their luck. These networks gave marketers the opportunity to publicise products to scores of potential customers and interact with both new and existing clients instantaneously, all for free.

But nowadays, organic reach is becoming much harder to achieve, which means several organisations are turning to paid-for promotion. While you might be reluctant to do this at first, it allows for targeting of specific audiences and comes with a range of measurement and analysis tools too.

Give your brand a voice

Even though professionalism remains incredibly important on social media, your fans and followers won’t be very receptive to updates that are overly formal and lack personality. So, instead of sounding like a lifeless and tedious corporation, give your brand a voice.

Notable examples include Taco Bell and Paddy Power, both of whom understand their respective audiences explicitly and communicate in the most relevant way possible. Stay true to your company culture and core values, but inject some character and charisma into your social media activity.

Don’t just share your own content

Constantly posting tweets and updates about your latest news or product developments feels too much like a sales pitch. Your audience will soon get tired of obvious self-promotion, won’t share your activity and may end up looking at your competitors’ feeds instead.

But if you share content from other sources, such as trending news stories, insightful industry comment or even amusing animal videos, your clients and customers will benefit from relevant content and have a reason to stick around.

Social media marketing isn’t always easy and requires a lot of time, effort and dedication. But if you implement the suggested improvements, more success and prosperity should come to you and your brand as word spreads online.

How to throw the perfect party

Woman in a Photo Booth party holding glasses and bow tie pouting lips

From birthdays and anniversaries to christenings and retirements, there are various occasions where throwing a party is absolutely essential. But making sure everyone has an amazing and memorable time is quite a trying and taxing task requiring considerable aforethought!

Even so, organising and pulling off the perfect party is often easier than you may think. Simply abide by the following simple perfect party tips and you’ll be having just as much fun as your guests!

Come up with a theme

All the best parties tend to have a theme, so try and pick something that everyone will enjoy and be able to participate in. Guests don’t have to dress up, but your decorations and food can still be inspired by a certain topic, decade or profession.

Obvious examples include doctors and nurses, gangsters and flappers or pirates and wenches. However, you may also want to choose an alphabet theme and get people to come along as a person or character inspired by a letter.

Choose the right music

Music is incredibly important when it comes to setting the mood for the night. For smaller parties, hiring a DJ is probably too expensive and perhaps unnecessary, so create a playlist in advance with some appropriate tunes.

Stick with the evening’s theme or start by playing some mellow music before getting more lively as the night goes on. You may also want to invite your guests to take it in turns as the DJ too.

Think carefully about food

Food will be one of your biggest concerns, but don’t worry too much, as sometimes the simplest options are the best. Comfort food is bound to be a crowd pleaser, especially during winter, and won’t be too difficult to cook.

Plan out your appetisers in advance and have them ready for when guests arrive. Always have nibbles like nuts and olives around, but make sure you know who is vegetarian and who has allergies.

Hire a photo booth

Hiring a photobooth for parties is a great idea, as guests will have no end of fun trying on silly wigs or oversized glasses while having their picture taken.

It is the perfect distraction while you’re cooking and can capture some ever-lasting memories of the day. With King of the Booth’s photobooth for parties, we can deliver, setup and collect within 50 miles of our base and have someone standing by to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Plan as far in advance as possible

As soon as you have a set a date, try and start planning straight away. This will keep stress at bay and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Write invitations and send them out early, make a grocery list and shop online but don’t forget about things like plates and utensils. If you are organised and prepared, your guests are sure to have a great time and you’ll be able to join in with the merriment as well.

Ask anyone who has thrown a party before and they’ll probably tell you it isn’t easy at the best of times. But these tips should stand you and your guests in good stead.

At the end of the day, if you get the basics right, such hire of a photobooth for your party, good food, good music and a great memorable theme all together, then you will hit the jackpot and your party will go with a bang.

Parties That Need a Photo Booth

Photo booths can liven up just about any kind of party. There are some types of party that they fit especially well with as a unique, fun and interesting way to create some mementoes for yourselves and your guest. The following events are the types of party that photo booths fit especially well with, and where some creative, fun photos will really bring a lot of added benefit both immediately and for the future.

Wedding Reception

They say that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, and this is why a photographer is invariably hired to document the day. Supplementing the professional pictures with a photo booth will create fun, interesting and often spontaneous photos that will make you wedding album look more unique. Guests will get instant, high-quality prints of their photos to take home which make great favours, and you will later receive a disc containing all the pictures taken on the day for you to keep. The result is that both you and your guests get some quirky and truly unique reminders of the fun you all had, which capture the individual personalities of everyone who entered the booth.

Birthday Parties

Photo booths are ideal for birthday parties of every kind. Whether celebrating your child’s 8th year of life or your parent’s 80th, photo booths are always a hit with both the birthday boy or girl and guests of all ages. Children love messing around with props and making silly faces for the camera, and adults soon discover just how much they are still children at heart. Birthday parties are a time to get in touch with that inner child while having fun and enjoying the company of friends and family. Photo booths are a fantastic way to do that, as friends and strangers at every stage of life come together to think of new ways to make the photos funny.

Festivals and Events

If you are holding a party for an event such as Christmas or Halloween, a photo booth is a great addition to the festivities. This kind of party is an opportunity for people to relax and have fun in a laid back and unself-conscious way. At a Halloween party, costumes will be involved, and a photo booth is a fantastic way to capture each individual costume for posterity while adding an extra element to the celebrations. Often, parties for other festivals such as Christmas will also involve costumes, or at least one or two silly, brightly-coloured festive jumpers that you can laugh at in years to come. A tailored prop box will enhance this angle, and give added scope for creating fun, themed images. In short, a photo booth provides people with a way to clown around and have the kind of slightly daft fun that fits in so well at this kind of party. At the same time, it also provides a way to get creative and a centre of attention that brings guests together.

Getting Creative With Photo Booths

Photo booths make a fantastic addition to any event, private or corporate. They provide you and your guests with the chance to have fun and get creative. However, a lot of people mistake photo booth hire for just a standard photo booth, and think that having fun with it just amounts to the same silly expressions and poses that kids like to pull in a passport photo booth. In fact, photo booths that are hired for events are designed for fun, and there are several ways they allow you to get much more creative. This makes the photographs that are produced much more unique and evocative of individual personalities, creating keepsakes that are all the more valuable.

Prop Boxes

There’s nothing wrong with just being silly for the camera. It’s fun, and lets people express their unique personalities, quirks and senses of humour. The problem is that, with just your own expressions and poses to work with, there is a limit to how many different ways you can find to pose for a photo. This limits your creativity significantly, so we expand your options by providing a prop box. It’s amazing how creative people can get when presented with a choice of props, and we can provide a very large range – from silly hats and costumes to blackboards. If your event has a theme, we will be more than happy to cater to it in the choice of props for the prop box.


Another way to get creative with the photos and try new things is to customise the background. We can provide a variety of background choices. You could just have the standard, traditional red curtain or you could have a coloured background of your choice. Just get in touch, and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. Alternatively, if you want to give your guests plenty of room to express their individual creativity, we can provide a green screen. This gives you and your guests the option to digitally experiment with a range of much more exciting and interesting backgrounds, placing themselves in a choice of settings for the photo. Combining green screen with a prop box will give your guests the maximum amount of room to get creative and create interesting, unique photos.

Customise the Photo Booth

There are a number of ways you can creatively customise the booth itself. The exterior of the booth is fully customisable through the use of a printable screen. You can customise it with the colour, design or pattern of your choice. If you want to make the process easy, we provide a selection of ready-made options you can choose from, from glossy white or black (the most popular choices) to pink, gold or even leopard print. You can also customise the kind of prints it dispenses. You can give your guests instant access to either traditional strips of photos, as you might get from classic passport photo booths, or postcard-sized prints that are suitable for framing or putting into an album.

Why Have a Photo Booth at a Wedding?

A photo booth is a great addition to a wedding reception, and our wedding packages are extremely popular. But some people wonder why you would want a photo booth at a wedding when you have already spent money hiring a professional photographer to capture the event from every possible angle. The truth is that even though they both create photographs, the two are completely different things. Obviously there is no way a photo booth could replace a professional wedding photographer, but in the same way it can offer several things that you won’t get from your standard wedding photo package.

A Fun Activity

Wedding photographers work in two ways: posed photographs were people stand around in specific positions and grin until their faces hurt, or they take photographs of people socialising and enjoying the occasion. Neither of these cross over with the way photo booths work, creating something fun for guests, attendants and, of course, the happy couple to visit in person. Even without the finished photos, this creates a fun activity. Of course, it is great to have the photos to and these are a completely separate kind of picture from the ones a photographer will produce. They give people the opportunity to play up directly to the camera in a way they wouldn’t dare do with a formal wedding photo, and this helps to show how much fun was had at your reception.

Capture People’s Personalities

The difference between the documentary and artistic approach of a wedding photographer and the fun activity that a photo both represents means that people behave completely differently for the two kinds of photo. A wedding photographer will probably take some posed photos to ensure that they capture the outfits, the full range of guests and attendants, and important events like the signing of the register or the cutting of the cake. After this, they will most likely document the real essence of the day with documentary-style photos of your guests milling about and socialising. These are wonderful things, but they are very different from the results of a photo booth. While people at a wedding feel the need to be on their best behaviour – especially if they spot a lens pointed their way – a photo booth allows them to feel comfortable playing up to the camera. This is a great way to capture their unique personalities and sense of fun for posterity.

Unique Photos

One of the most valuable things about having a photo booth at a wedding is that the photos they produce are unique and different from the pictures most people have in their wedding album. Complementing the main photos with some shots from a both will give an individual, distinctive character to your wedding album. This will make it more interesting and unmistakeably unique to you, while adding an extra sense of fun and enjoyment – something to smile at when you look back over your wedding shots in years to come.