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Three Great Reasons to Hire a Photo Booth

Photo booths make a great addition to a wide range of private and corporate events. A photo booth can bring many advantages and enhance an event in a number of ways. Some of the key benefits of adding a photo booth to your event include:

Fantastic Fun

Photo booths add a huge element of fun to any event. This can help people to unwind and have a good time at a corporate event, or simply provide an extra way for guests to enjoy themselves at a private function. Photo booths go down well with guests of all ages, whether children, teenagers or adults. They provide a platform for people to be themselves, put on a silly show for the camera, and generally let their hair down. A box of props or a changeable green screen background will help enhance the fun element even further. Photo booths, quite simply, provide an enjoyable diversion and a novelty element, and unlike most activities they result in something solid to take home. They also make great icebreakers, as when people crowd around the photo booth they tend to relax and have fun together striking poses.

Unique Mementos

After the event, you will be provided with a CD containing all of the photos taken in the photo booth. The number of photos that can be taken is unlimited during the time for which you have hired the booth, and you will also have access to high-quality printed images that are resistant to fading and damage. Most importantly, of course, the images will contain all the unique poses and faces that you and your guests struck in front of the lens. This makes for a unique and wonderful set of mementos of the event. Photo prints also make great gifts for guests or wedding favours. This will serve as a permanent reminder for guests of the good time they had at your event. Prints of their own photo booth pictures will also be far more individual and personal than the standard range of gifts and favours such as sweets, biscuits or pens.

Fully Customisable

All our photo booths are fully customisable. Through the use of printable skins, they can be decorated in the colour or design of your choice, with high gloss black and white designs being the most popular. You can choose from our selection of ready-to-use colours and designs to quickly and easily find a look that will complement your event, your personality, and the effect you are going for. Alternatively, you can have it customised with a colour or design that will provide brand consistency for a corporate event or advertise your company. Whatever you want to go for, the fully customisable nature of the photo booths will provide a bespoke feature that is perfect for your event. Similarly, backgrounds can also be customised according to the needs of the event, including the facility for a green screen background so that guests can have fun with different backdrops.

How Photo Booths can Help Married Couples Celebrate

Photo booths are a fun, interesting and memorable addition to a celebration, and a marriage is a thing worth celebrating. As well as the wedding day itself, couples may rightly celebrate their engagement beforehand and many anniversaries after.

Whatever stage of your relationship you and your spouse (or future spouse) are at, photo booths can be a valuable addition to your celebrations. Whether you have just popped the question or are celebrating many, many years together, they can help you create wonderful mementoes of your celebration while adding a whole extra level of fun to the event.


Contrary to what you might think, a marriage doesn’t start on the wedding day. It starts when you first agree you want to be together forever and enshrine that fact in law for all to see. While the wedding day is still the bigger event because it’s the day you actually become married, it’s a shame that the engagement tends to get quite so overshadowed. A photo booth provides you with a fun, informal way to document your engagement party. You, your partner, and all your family and friends will be free to create distinctive and personalised photos to preserve the joy of the occasion. Everyone who uses the photo booth will get an instant high-quality print to take home, and you will get all the photos on CD afterwards.

Wedding Day

Pretty much everyone understands the value of documenting your wedding day, and that’s why it’s standard practice to hire a photographer. But a photo booth can still be a fantastic addition to the day. People will probably feel more relaxed and able to express themselves while mucking around with props in a photo booth than posing for a photo or politely socialising around the buffet table. Getting some extra photos from a photo booth will capture the sense of fun that exists at a wedding reception, and the individual personalities of your friends and relatives. Then, you will be free to add these to your album to look back on in the future, while your guests get to take their instant prints home to remember the day by.


Engagements and weddings start off your marriage, but anniversaries go on for the rest of your lives together. While not every year will be a huge celebration, certain landmark anniversaries are definitely worth celebrating. Whether it’s the very first, the tenth, or the fiftieth you are likely to have at least one or two anniversary parties in a long, happy marriage. There are a number of reasons you might want to add a photo booth to the celebrations. Just like the day you got married, it is worth capturing memories in photographs to look back on and a photo booth is a fun and different way to achieve this. It also provides guests with a fun activity that tends to go down well and act as an excellent ice breaker. This is especially useful for landmark anniversaries where both partners will be inviting large sections of their families, as not everyone will know each other well.

Five essential things you might forget about on your wedding day

Bride and groom in photobooth.

Planning and organising a wedding can be one of the most stressful, difficult and demanding things you’ll ever do. With so many things to think about, from food and flowers to dresses and decorations, it is understandable if you forget about a few minor details, but don’t forget things like photobooth rental or you may be sorry on the day!

Sometimes it is these small touches that can really make all the difference. Therefore, try to remember the following things to ensure your wedding is truly a day to remember and not one filled with missed opportunities:

Photobooth rental

Chances are you have booked a photographer to capture those all important moments and memories. But don’t overlook hiring a photobooth, as they have the potential to provide a great deal of fun and entertainment for your guests.

With the rise of social media it is important that you consider photobooth rental in order to both wow your guests and help them to post something great online that is fun and eminently shareable amongst all your friends and family.

Pictures can be customised, printed out to keep and uploaded to online galleries.

On top of that, photo booths are a great distraction while making the transition from the ceremony to reception as well.

Change of attire for the reception

Once you have covered your rented photobooth, what is next? Even though the beautiful bride will want to keep on her wedding dress for eternity, it can be quite uncomfortable to wear for the whole day. Therefore, make sure you’ve got a change of clothes for the reception.

That way, you can enjoy the day to the fullest, not worry about spoiling your wedding gown, socialise with old friends and dance the night away. What’s more, it is excuse to buy another dress!

Eating at the right time

Both brides and grooms are bound to be a bit nervous, but not eating anything all day is a bad idea. So, eat a wholesome and filling breakfast or have some snacks handy throughout the day.

The same goes for your guests too. If they don’t get fed at the right time, you’ll end up with drunk, grumpy or uncomfortable guests that don’t pay attention at the ceremony or during the speeches.

Packing for your honeymoon

With so much time and attention being spent on the big day, you’d be surprised to hear just how many couples forget that they are going on their honeymoon afterwards.

If possible, try and pack as far in advance as possible so you don’t have to worry about it. However, don’t overlook travel documents like passports, insurance and itineraries either.

Buying gifts for the wedding party

During the preparation and planning stages of your wedding, family and friends will have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations too. So what better way to say thank you than buying gifts for all of them.

They don’t have to expensive or extravagant, just something that expresses your gratitude and appreciation. The big day is all about you, but it probably wouldn’t have been possible without your loved ones.

From photobooth rental and a change of clothes to eating at the right time, packing for your honeymoon and buying gifts for the wedding party, don’t forget these essential things when it comes to your marriage ceremony and reception and you will have a day that you will never forget!.

5 alternative wedding entertainment ideas

Romantic Bride And Groom Embracing Outdoors

Although several grooms and brides are more interested in having a romantic ceremony, others prefer to spend out on the reception and make it a memorable occasion for both friends and family.

The vast majority of weddings will simply having a band or DJ for entertainment and let guests create their own fun with jovial dancing and plenty of conversation. However, there are several other options you might not have previously thought of, which will never be forgotten about.

Games room

This one isn’t just for kids, as older guests will also be impressed by a games room. The choice is yours, but possibilities include a pool table, air hockey, ping-pong, darts or even retro arcade machines.

A games room can be used as a distraction while making the transition from the ceremony to the reception, but make sure the door is closed when you decide to have your first dance.


While secret shower singers won’t want to admit it, getting up on stage and participating in some karaoke is something a number of us enjoy. And at a wedding, numerous guests will thoroughly enjoy showing off their vocal talents in front of a crowd.

But the most entertaining performers are sure to be those who are far from pitch perfect. This won’t matter though, as everyone will be pre-occupied with having too much fun.

Photo booth

Despite the fact you’ve probably booked a professional to capture those precious wedding moments on film, hiring a photo booth provides different kinds of memories.

Your guests will love delving into the prop box and putting on silly hats and oversized glasses. What’s more, with King of the Booth, both young and old are able to visit the booth as many times as they like. Then when the day is over, all photos are available to view and download online.

Dance lessons

Several husbands-to-be surprise their beautiful bridge by taking dance lessons before the big day. But what if you were to arrange some tango tuition or salsa sessions for your guests to enjoy at the reception?

Think about a dance that is easy to learn and one that everybody can do. But don’t spend too much time on the teaching, as guests want to let their hair down, not be told what to do.

Movie theme

Themed weddings can be a bit hit or miss sometimes, as it usually takes a certain kind of couple to pull it off. But for the ultimate in entertainment and enjoyment, consider having a movie themed day, which should keep guests on the edge of their seats.

A lot will depend on your budget, but some Hollywood inspired ceremonies have featured a helicopter as the mode of transport and special celebrity look-a-like appearances. Put out cameras on the tables so your guests can be the paparazzi and make a movie of your love story so far.

So, even if your priority is getting the right location, decorations or food, these entertainment options are sure to make your wedding day extra special.

Three Corporate Events That Could Benefit From a Photo Booth

Photo booths are ideal for a wide variety of events and occasions, and this includes many kinds of corporate event. They are an ideal way to add value to your business and the occasion, whether it’s for the benefit of your employees or for clients and customers. Some types of business event that may benefit from the addition of a photo booth include:

Office Parties

Most commonly held at Christmas, an office party is a time to forget about the day-to-day worries of the working world and just have fun with your fellow workers. Employees of all levels have a chance to socialise, enjoy themselves and cement good personal relationships as well as professional ones. However, a lot of employees have trouble letting their hair down when they get to the office party, particularly in the early stages and especially if they are partying with their boss. A photo booth makes a great ice breaker. Not only do people tend to be drawn towards it and start having fun, but as multiple people convene they usually start laughing together and discussing which props make the silliest pictures. This is a great way to get the fun started and encourage everyone to loosen up.

Conferences and Exhibitions

If you are attending a conference or an exhibition, your goal is almost certainly to grow your business. In particular, if you have a stand at such an event you want to attract potential clients or customers and create the best impression you can. A photo booth is like a promotional gift with a difference, and a fun way to draw people to you. Photo booths tend to grab people’s attention, and so its presence will drive them towards your stand. After that, the biggest challenge at a conference is making your business memorable. By providing a unique and fun experience complete with a physical photo to take home, photo booths go a long way to conquering that problem. Ideally, the use of the booth should directly relate to your business in some way. However, just like giving out branded gifts, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a novelty extra to help engage with people as long as you back it up with substance as well.

Teambuilding Events

Photo booths can be useful at teambuilding events for similar reasons to those that apply at office parties. Giving people some time to have free reign with a photo booth will break the ice, get them cooperating in a friendly way, and encourage them to work well together throughout the rest of the event. It is also possible to build enjoyable teambuilding challenges or exercises around the presence of the photo booth. The exercises that engage employees most effectively are often those which are great fun and give scope to be a little bit silly. For example, at a sales or marketing event, you may split employees into teams and encourage them to construct a thirty minute marketing plan for something from the prop box, complete with effective marketing images taken in the booth with the help of a green scree.

Three Ways Photo Booths Make Special Occasions Better

A photo booth can be a fun centre of attention at a party or celebration. However, it can also serve to make special occasions even more special. Whether it’s a landmark birthday, a wedding or anniversary, or any other kind of celebration, there are a number of ways in which the occasion can be made better and more special by the inclusion of a photo booth.

More Memorable

A photo booth can help to make your special event more memorable for everybody involved. Guests will get instant, high-quality prints of all their photos from the booth to take home and serve as reminders of as well as being able to browse them in a secure online gallery, to serve as your own set of mementoes. This will help to preserve the occasion for future reference and allow you to look back on it vividly for years to come. This is compared to the traditional approach where a few people will take blurry pictures on their phone or compact camera amidst the celebrations, most of which you will never see or, at best, only get a look at on social media. As well as the fact photo booth images tend to be kept and you will get copies of all of them, they also tend to be higher-quality than photos snapped by your guests thanks to a Canon DSLR and beauty lighting.

Bring People Together

People of all ages and tastes tend to be drawn to a photo booth. There is something universal about concepts like playing up to a camera, messing about with a box of props, or experimenting with green screen backgrounds. This not only provides an entertaining feature for all your guests, but helps to bring them together. Multiple people tend to crowd around a photo booth, and often they all have opinions on how to create the best images. This is a fantastic icebreaker and a great way to bring together two families or distant relatives who only see each other at occasional family events. In this way, a photo booth ensures that all your friends and family enjoy the special occasion as one happy, friendly group. There are few things more special than that.

Tailored to the Occasion

Photo booths can be heavily customised to really capture the essence of the occasion. This can help make them a perfect fit with the spirit of the occasion, both capturing and complementing the things that make it special. The exterior of the booth can be fully customised with printable skins. You can tailor its appearance to your tastes using either your favourite of our ready-to-print designs or something completely custom that reflects the occasion. Similarly, you can have a tailored prop box for any theme you like or no prop box at all, and your choice of background including the option for a green screen. In short, a photo booth can be a feature that is truly unique to your occasion.

Top 7 wedding trends for 2015

2015, as the new year

Even though there will be scores of couples who have already started preparing for their wedding day in 2015, this doesn’t mean to say a few changes can’t be made according to the year’s biggest predicted trends.

It seems as though the majority of ceremonies and receptions will adopt a strong sprit of individualism, which will reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. However, numerous weddings in 2015 will be influenced by the latest fashion trends and chic celebrity style too.

Fun and functional wedding photo booths

We had to start with photo booths, as they are perfect for weddings in a variety of different ways. From capturing all the fun as it happens and cherishing these moments in the future to providing a distraction while making the transition from the ceremony to the reception, wedding photo booths are set to be even bigger in 2015.

Off-the-shoulder and coloured dresses

This trend changes every year but in 2015, off-the-shoulder dresses will be in high demand. This romantic and timeless look can have several variations too, from one-shoulder to draped sleeves on both arms. What’s more, pastel and sherbet coloured gowns are set to soar in popularity too.

British style and elegance

Although the appeal of Downton Abbey and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is perhaps bigger across the Atlantic, traditional British style and elegance looks like it will be a prominent trend on home soil tool. Think afternoon tea and garden parties with tables covered in vintage lace cloth and loosely styled floral centrepieces.

Rustic comfort food served like a family

Rustic-style weddings are in favour at the moment and this looks set to continue into the New Year as well. This means simple yet plentiful comfort food will be served just like you would at home. By passing around wholesome entrées and sides, guests are bound to feel more relaxed and the conversation will flow.

Plentiful yet portioned drinks

Numerous wedding guests will head straight for the bar and end up drinking a bit too much. But one of 2015’s biggest trends may stop this from happening. We are talking about drink stations where guests can sample small portions of several different tipples, such as vintage whiskeys, craft beers and fine wines.

Food trucks coming through

Hours after your guests have tucked in to the hearty family-style fare, they will start getting hungry again. But food trucks are on hand to pull up at a wedding and provide healthy snacks or an assortment of party treats.

Lashings of copper

As opposed to gold or silver, it seems as though copper will be the material of choice when it comes to wedding decor. Perfect for vintage or elegant receptions, copper centrepieces and candlesticks look great and will be much sought after in 2015.

So, there you have it. Seven wedding trends that are bound to provide plenty of inspiration and ideas to couples preparing for the big day in 2015. Get the food, drink and style right then record all the fun in your very own wedding photo booths for posterity. What could be easier than that!

Events and functions where a rented photo booth is perfect

Photo Booth Wedding Sign

Although photo booths are most commonly used to capture portrait images for things like passports and driving licenses, they are now being utilised for other, more funky and fun, purposes too.

Here at King of the Booth, we have hired out our photo booth for a number of special occasions and witnessed first hand the fun and enjoyment it can bring. But if you’re wondering what events and functions would benefit from a photo booth or want to know why you would choose to rent one, here is a quick recap.

Why rent a photo booth?

Fully customisable – The exterior can be customised using fully printable skins. Although we have a variety to choose from, you also have the option of partially branding the photo booth too.
Lots of photo options – On the photo booth’s touchscreen interface, you can decide from colour, black and white or sepia images. You can also choose tradition photo strips or post card style prints featuring different backgrounds, messages, logos and graphics.
Share on social media – Our photo booth is connected to the Internet, so you can share images on Facebook to your friend’s timelines or post on Twitter with usernames and hashtags.

When and where to hire a photo booth?

Weddings – You’ll no doubt have a photographer on hand to capture treasured memories from the day, but a photo booth can provide just as many cherished moments too. Guests can visit the booth as many times as they like, take advantage of the prop box featuring silly hats and oversized glasses, leave personal messages thanks to HD video and take prints home with them too. If you need to make a transition between the ceremony and the reception, a photo booth is an ideal distraction as well.

School proms – These days, teenagers are more interest in selfies than traditional and formal portraits. Therefore, a photo booth is a great way of capturing the fun, excitement and romance of prom night. From happy couples to groups of friends, a photo booth can accommodate every type of guest and suit the night’s mood.

Corporate events – The majority of corporate events can be quite boring and tedious, but a photo booth is bound to liven things up. With full, half or quarter outer booth branding, the business will receive great promotion. What’s more, photos can feature logos and additional information too, making for an awesome business card. Employees can also email their photos to colleagues or post images up on social media profiles to improve marketing activity.

Private parties – Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or other occasion worth celebrating, photo booths are a superb addition to a private party. You may wake up with a fuzzy and forgetful head, but photos from the night before, both in print and online, will reveal what really went on. We can also deliver, setup and collect the booth within 50 miles of our base. An attendant will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly too.

So, why rent a photo booth? Because they are perfect for numerous events and deliver a plethora of advantages.

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How to make corporate functions more fun

Although annual conferences, training courses, team building exercises and general work events all serve an important purpose, they usually aren’t very entertaining if we are honest! While employees need to focus on the job or task in hand, it can be difficult to concentrate if boredom and apathy kicks in.

Therefore, it makes sense for any company to inject a bit of fun into corporate functions. Not only will attendees be more attentive and interested, it could have numerous benefits for the brand and business too.

Hire a photo booth

Perfect for trade and promotional events, a photo booths have a plethora of real benefits. In addition to entertaining both employees and guests, photobooth customisation enables you to add full, half and quarter branding to the exterior as well.

What’s more, photobooth customisation extends inside too, as everyone who enters can leave with a unique and novel business card. Pictures can also be uploaded to your brand’s Facebook and Twitter feeds or emailed to associates.

Change the venue or environment

The surroundings of an event will effect and influence everyone’s mood. So if your corporate function is taking place in a cold and emotionless office, employees and guests will probably feel rather impassive too.

Carefully mull over your choice of venue and try to make it as enjoyable as possible. Think outside of the box for team building exercises such as camping in the forest or put up a marque in the countryside for the Christmas party.

Come up with some competitions

Giveaways and promotions at a trade event or industry conference are great for promoting your brand and getting products in the hands of customers. But if you introduce an element of competition, everyone will pay attention and feel more engaged.

When it comes to an employee only event, come up with some guessing games or agility tests and get everyone involved. For annual parties or celebrations, dancing and singing competitions are also lots of fun.

Introduce a theme

Functions or events with a particular theme will be well received by guests, while members of staff are bound to find it amusing too. It can be related to the business or something completely random.

Perhaps ask your employees what kind of theme they would prefer and take a vote. By being original and out of the ordinary, more people will take notice of the brand’s funky, light-hearted and people-centric attitude.

Use social media

Along with images from a customised photo booth, your employees and guests can post their own pictures and updates on social media to generate hype, interest and excitement.

Come up with a hashtag to let attendees know how they can get involved and re-visit your preferred networks afterwards to see whether it was a success. This kind of activity can increase brand awareness and improve online reputations.

Even though the thought of a corporate function isn’t very appealing or thrilling, there are a number of ways you can stir up some exuberance, hilarity and glee.

Put some thought into getting the look and feel of your imagery and brand projection right and you will surely reap the rewards of your new found social media focus. Photo booth customisation is just one step along the way to brand stardom!

What Makes a Great Photo Booth?

Photobooth Wedding Sign

One of the biggest mistakes people make with photo booths for events is thinking they are like the photo booths you see in train stations and shopping centres. There’s a long tradition of appropriating these booths for fun, they’re designed for the solemn process of trying to keep your passport photo from looking too embarrassing. As an entertainment, they would just a bit too mediocre to be worth hiring for a party.

We, on the other hand, provide photo booths that are completely designed for fun. They invariably go down well with every type of guest at a party, and provide much better entertainment than a public photo booth ever could. But what exactly goes into making a photo booth great?

Great Pictures

If your image of a photo booth does come from the kind designed to provide passport photos, you are probably not expecting great photography to come out of it. “Functional” is a word that more readily springs to mind. But our photo booths are not like that at all. They use a DLSR camera from leading pro photography brand Canon, and complemented by beauty lighting of the kind found in professional studios for optimum performance. When the booth prints out the photos, it does so using a high-quality dye sublimation process. This produces sharp, vivid photo prints that are extremely resistant to fading and damage. In other words, the pictures from our photo booth are pretty great.

Plenty of Bespoke Options

Different people have different ideas of what is “great,” so we provide plenty of options for customisation of the photo booth. This allows you to get it just right for your needs. You can have a choice of coloured backgrounds for your printout or just stick with the traditional red curtain. You can even have a green screen for a dose of digital experimentation. Through the touch screen interface, every user can choose whether to have their photos taken in colour, black and white or sepia. For the prints, you can choose between the traditional photo booth strip style or postcard –sized prints suitable for putting in an album. Even the booth itself can be customised, as the exterior is based on fully printable skins. We have a range of pre-set colours and designs, or can customise for your needs – for example to reflect a brand.

A Big Dose of Fun

Having all these features and technical specs is great, but this alone doesn’t guarantee that the booth will be fun. We also work hard to make sure people using the booth have the opportunity to have a good time and get creative with their images. This includes the option for a green screen so that people can have fun with different backgrounds, as well as the option to provide a prop box for people to mess around with. In line with the idea of customising the booth for every individual’s needs, the prop box can be tailored if your event has a particular theme.